Bratislava, Tomášikova 10/F, Slovak republic

Professional Training

We do connect experienced professionals with you to share a state-of-the-art knowledge within specific areas and topics.

From every geographical area we do offer range of webinars and online consultations within principal areas:

  1. compliance with legal requirements of authorities concerning goods / products / articles, mixtures, substances;
  2. Risk Assessment / Management;
  3. Strategies and policies;
  4. Practical solutions / best practices.

Professional training is provided different ways to best reflect attendees needs:

  • “frame” online courses to bring participants concise view on each of the areas of concern;
  • in deep training in specific topics;
  • webinars series with practical excercises and homework tasks;
  • “one-to-one” online consultations to discuss concrete topics of interest.

You just to need to select from the list of traning courses or contact us to get and appointment / advice.

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