Articles on EU market – REACH requirements *Webinar*
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Started on 2021-11-24 1h 30min

Webinar Description

When determining if and which REACH substance in articles requirements apply to a given object which is produced, imported and/or placed on the EU market, the first step is to check whether or not the object is considered as anarticle under REACH.

Article 3(3) of the REACH Regulation defines an article as “an object which during production is given a special shape, surface or design which determines its function to agreater degree than its chemical composition“. It follows from this definition that an article is an object made from one or more substances or mixtures which were given a specific shape, surface or design during the production process. It may be produced from natural materials, such as wood or wool, or from synthetic ones, such as polyethylene (PE).

Most of the commonly used objects in private households and industries are themselves articles (e.g. one-piece plastic spoons, injection-moulded garden chairs), or incorporate articles (e.g.sofa, vehicle, clock,electronic equipment). Articles that are assembled or joined together remain articles, as long as they keep a special shape, surface or design, which is more decisive for their function than their chemical composition, or as long as they do not become waste.


  • EU REACH vs Articles – basics
  • General duties for importers and producers of articles
  • SVHCs
  • SCIP Database
  • Information requirements in supply chain
  • Q&A

Who should attend

Companies / experts – interested in the EU REACH requirements for articles/goods.

Martin Murín, Martina Kubáňová, Ekotox experts

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