EU requirements for goods / articles (chemicals legislation) *Webinar*
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Started on 2021-11-15 1h 30min

Webinar description

The EU legislation sets the highest chemical safety standards in the world.

An article importer is any company located inside the EEA that is responsible for the physical introduction of into the EEA customs territory of an article.

If an article producer, for example, purchases substances inside the EEA for use in the production process of his articles, he also has to fulfil downstream user requirements. If the substances are instead purchased outside of the EEA, the article producer has the role of importer of substances along with the related obligations, such as registration.

Under the EU REACH Regulation, those who place articles on the market are required to comply with a number of REACH duties. This information sheet aims to outlines the key responsibilities under the REACH Regulation of those who produce, import or supply articles onto the EU Market.

The REACH Regulation defines an article as ‘an object which during production is given a special shape, surface, or design which determines its function to a greater degree than its chemical composition.’

Most common objects used in a private household or in industry are articles. Some examples include furniture, clothes, vehicles, books, toys, office and electronic equipment. Articles can be simple (e.g. stapler), or complex (e.g. a laptop computer or a car). Complex articles can also be made up of other articles.

Topics include REACH obligations overview for goods/articles, requirements for importers. Ample time will be dedicated to Q&A discussion.


EU Chemicals legislation related to goods/articles

REACH Regulation
SCIP Database
EU REACH Compliance Documentation


Who should attend

Anyone with a responsibility for and/or interest in placing goods / articles on EU market including:

  • Producers outside EU
  • Importers into EU
  • EU or Non-EU companies

System Requirements: Webex

PaedDr. Martin Murin, REACH expert

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