Plastics – EU chemicals legal requirements *Webinar*

Started on 2021-12-13 90 min

Webinar Description

Plastics are polymers. Polymers are not regulated in EU under REACH regulation. On the other hands, monomers have to be registered based on specific rules.

Plastics are frequently articles (goods) and so under EU legal concept need to comply with the requirements for chemical substances in articles, the EU REACH registration in case of an intentionalô release, SCIP requirements in case of SHVCs above 0,1%, new requirements concerning “nano” and more, e.g. under the framework of the EU Plastics Strategy, at the request of the European Commission, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) prepared a restriction dossier under the REACH Regulation targeting intentionally added microplastics in products.



Requirements unde REACH

SCIP Database

Nano requirements



Who should attend

Anyone with a responsibility for and/or interest in placing plastic products on EU market.


PaedDr. Martin Murin, REACH expert

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